Who puts the 99 in jeopardy in order to take the risk that one might be found?  It makes little sense to spend so much time looking for one lost sheep or a tiny coin.  Or does it? Jesus tells us it does not only make sense but saving those who are lost is what God is all about! And when one is saved there is a lot of rejoicing!

Can you recall when in contemporary society, as a community, we take much care to find those lost? We value human life. Do you recall the recent search for a missing bushwalker in the snow in the Midlands? Not only do we value human life but we take risks to preserve it. Can you name examples, perhaps contrary to community wisdom, where risks are taken to ensure those ‘lost’ are cared for, or things of value are persevered and ‘saved.’ Saving those who are lost is what God is all about!

How might we find ways to name and celebrate when they are found?