“The Uniting Church believes that we hear the voice of God in the councils of the church. Church meetings that encourage community, and listening to one another in a spirit of openness and humility, are more likely to discern the will of God.” Rev Terence Corkin, former General Secretary UCA Assembly.

 The meeting of the VicTas Synod is nearly with us. Delegates will gather at Box Hill Town Hall in Melbourne with new Moderator, Rev Denise Liersch.

Synod has general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s worship, witness and service within its bounds. Synod meets on about an eighteen month cycle. The following meeting will be November 2020.

Issues to be discussed include: Issues to be discussed include a wide range of reports from the Church’s many ministry areas, agencies, committees and presbyteries, as well as proposals related to increasing the involvement of adults under 50 years old in synod and presbytery leadership and shaping of the Church, a Church-wide disability action plan for 2019-2022, and response to Victorian legislation on Voluntary Assisted Dying that came into effect on 19 June 2019. Although the Victorian legislation does not apply to Tasmania, the Uniting Church includes a major hospital in Melbourne, and agencies such as Uniting AgeWell have facilities and staff in both states, in which voluntary assisted dying and conscientious objection may both be supported by Church policy.

Tasmanian presbytery delegates attending are Shirley Bowers, Marian Bisset, Brian Cole, Caro Field, Helen Geard, Annetia Goldsmith, Sherrin Jackman, Daphne Mitchell, Melanie Morris, Fiona Morrison, Ann Perrin, Rohan Pryor, Gospel Ralte, Grace Ralte, David Reeve and Denise Savage.

Information about the Synod Meeting including videos can be found at https://victas.uca.org.au/about-us/synod-meeting/