UnitingWomen is a national Uniting Church women’s conference. The third Uniting Women conference was held in September 2018 in Brisbane and was hosted by the Queensland Synod.  Twelve women from Tasmania attended this conference, some of whom were assisted by Go Grants from the Presbytery of Tasmania.  Sherrin Jackman, Michelle Cook and Sue Walker even tried bell ringing.  

Below are some personal responses:

“It was a help to see how God has helped so many people through hardships and given them such a positive outlook. The fellowship of all women in Christ from all walks of life. The spirit and courage of the Aboriginal Elder to keep the tradition of her people going and bringing them to God.”

“It gives me strength and new mission to live and testify who I am as a woman in a new environment to share my stories with the people and to save others from personal and family problems.”

“It was a really amazing opportunity to meet with women of the Uniting Church, especially from other cultural backgrounds or with specific societal concerns (eg. Domestic Violence).  It has also raised the absence of the feminine in our representation and thinking about God.”

We were encouraged to have a go even when we were not capable. Workshops were interesting. Remembering the circles and sharing with each group.  Great music.

The aspects I saw and experienced at the conference will be of use in leading worship.  

This conference gave me the chance to be part of many inspiring, brave, resilient, friendly, practical and open women and to share their stories.  The messages and stories that everyone shared were helpful for encouragement and building up.  I really appreciated the opportunity to attend.

The President of the UCA, Dr Deidre Palmer, preached at the closing service.  You can read her sermon here

For more photos and reflections head here

The next Uniting Women is in Darwin – 9-12 July 2020.  Check out more information here